Self Service Solution Overview

Self service generation of advertising and marketing material

Add self service capabilities to your website or production system and see a significant increase in your advertising and marketing collateral productivity

Save creative production costs

The challenge is a classic one – how to produce sales and marketing materials in today's dynamic market place? For every conceivable channel and region? Quickly?

Brands and their agencies usually find it a real struggle to produce materials in a timely fashion, but to produce local materials that counter local competitive pressure and to do so in local languages, is often close to impossible.

These are the challenges that Wave 2 excels at solving! Our technology automates the production process for creatives, it's as simple as that. 

Whether used in-house, to automate the production of creative material, or placed in an online self-service portal, so remote users can produce these materials themselves, our solutions are a perfect answer to a high volume and low cost production environment. That's not to say small companies cannot benefit too, it just means that the the more you produce, the higher the productivity gains will be. And who does not want that?

With support for both print and digital production along with quick and easy language translation, there are few areas that will not benefit from our automation solutions.

Stand alone or integrated

The Wave 2 technology can be supplied in a multitude of options, so there is bound to be a model that suits your business. This technology also integrates with third party DAM systems and Portals, adding significant value to an environment you probably already have.

Automation is achieved thanks to an easy "template creation process", that uses standard creative tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite for digital content, Adobe InDesign for print template creation, Google Web Designer, Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects for video production and others.

Output covers the full range of print and digital formats, including HTML5, PDF, MPG, XML, producing materials for every conceivable channel or outlet, be it in-store displays, smartphones or tables, web pages or printed publications. Quality is assured through the smart use of templates. Templates can be provided by Wave 2 or can be created/edited by your creative staff. This assures adhesion to YOUR brand guidelines and standards.

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