Creative Services Solutions

Creative Services Solutions

Smart, automated design solutions

Wave2 offers creative services solutions that automate the production of multi-media corporate marketing and advertising materials. Innovative and state of the art, these solutions embrace cross-platform technology which allows companies to produce, customise, and localise creative work with ease.

Our creative service solutions are able to build a wide variety of documents, reports, online banners, print display ads, mobile ads, animated video and posters – all of which can be distributed across digital, mobile and print, seamlessly. For production service or advertising agencies that need to streamline processes and costs, Wave2’s automated creative solutions are the perfect answer.

Industry standard apps

Using Adobe technology, including InDesign for print, and Flash and Adobe Edge for digital and mobile products, Wave2’s automated solutions can produce virtually any creative content in multiple formats, sizes and colours almost instantaneously. The modular, scaleable solutions also provide intelligent document rules and branding templates that allow less experienced team members to create a wide range of communications quickly and easily.

Different templates can also be created according to specific customer requirements, which allows for the rapid fulfilment of orders as well as meeting strict brand guidelines. Even multi-lingual assignments can be completed easily with Wave2’s innovative copy translation tool.

Automating the creative process streamlines production costs, reduces creative resource requirements and significantly cuts costs. This in turn enhances profit margins, increases customer satisfaction whilst maintaining consistent, high quality output.

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