Media & Publishing Solutions

Media & Publishing Solutions

World leading publishing and advertising solutions

Publishing is undergoing a dramatic transformation with print sales in decline and multi-platform digital content rapidly becoming the preferred medium of consumption. With revenues constantly being eroded, Wave2 has developed a suite of products that allow publishers to both reclaim and reinvent their business models.

Wave2’s products are cross-platform and include world leading technologies that allow publishers to expand existing content distribution channels and generate new advertising revenue streams. Used by over 40 publishing companies worldwide, Wave2’s publishing solutions are based on one scaleable, modular platform that automates production, delivers significant cost reductions and improves margins.

AdPortal is one of the world’s leading self-service advertising solutions for online and printed advertising sales. It allows advertising clients to build, book and manage their own advertisements with ease. Primarily used for classified, both private and business, and for trade display, AdPortal replaces traditional advertising business models with a dynamic self-service advertising solution that embraces web, print and mobile. Installed by many of the world’s biggest publishers, AdPortal has already delivered millions of ads for web, mobile and print.

MarketPlace is an off-the-shelf advertising website and listings engine that businesses can bolt-on and integrate into their existing IT framework. The result is a comprehensive classified and trade services advertising solution that lets companies receive online classified advertising and grow profitable new revenue streams. MarketPlace can be installed quickly, has low entry and running costs and is easily reconfigured to replicate a company’s existing online presence. Overall, it significantly reduces the cost of implementing and delivering an automated classified advertising service.

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