Corporate Marketing Solutions

Corporate Brand Management Solutions

Automate the creation of business collateral and empower sales teams in all regions

Effective content creation within corporate entities is essential for all modern businesses, both large and small. The corporate message needs to adhere to set design criteria, specific brand guidelines as well as remain relevant to a wide range of regional and international audiences. Wave2’s corporate marketing solutions meet this need by automating the production process, providing multi-platform distribution whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

The Wave2 platform allows for automated artwork adaptation and re-sizing for different print and digital formats. It also incorporates full personalisation as well as localisation and translation of collateral. Added to this are comprehensive multi-media capabilities and cross-platform adaptation that provides wide distribution across digital, mobile and print.

Straightforward to use, no design or creative skills are necessary, allowing marketing and sales teams to develop high quality creative content easily. The user simply specifies the type of collateral or advertising creative they wish to build and selects suitable designs, images and copy. Our intuitive solutions then let the user edit text, images and layout before automatically creating visually perfect collateral.

Empowering sales regions

For corporate communications teams, Wave2’s automated business collateral solution allows all sales and marketing content to be produced centrally, in approved format, before distribution to regional offices. Each division can then insert local contact details and additional pre-authorised information that is applicable to their specific region.

A significant advantage is that individual offices can respond quickly to events in their local area whilst remaining compliant with brand guidelines. Multi-platform campaigns can be created and rolled out across regions quickly, protecting brand integrity but also tailoring content for each individual audience. This central management of sales and marketing promotions ends expensive reliance on multi-location creative skills.

Shell, Barnes & Noble, Emirates, Kia and The Royal Mail are just some of the regional, pan-European and global operations that use Wave2’s automated corporate solutions. Other types of business who benefit from centralised, automated corporate collateral production include hotel chains, franchises, car dealers, energy companies, tour operators and food & drink distributors.

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