Auto Resizing and language localisation

Produce multiple sizes, simultaneously

ONE solution for all channels, regardless of format or shape.

The Wav 2 Publishing Platform automatically resizes print documents to specified dimensions, reflowing text according to fitting rules and geometry rules set by the designer.

Images are also re-sized, adjusting positions automatically. Even the way an image is cropped can be controlled according to rules set by the designer!

All templates are set up using standard technology such as Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite, HTML5 and Google Web Designer. The creation of rules that govern how the templates can be applied is simple and easy. In fact, all rules and templates creation is performed by the creative staff – no programming is required.

Automated Creative Production and Content Creation

Once the rules and templates have been created and set up, the whole process can be run as a batch process, driven by an XML feed or spreadsheet, further enhancing efficiency while also reducing costs.

Alternatively, EasyBuild can be used as the WYSIWYG "front-end" to the process. It is a tool that lets (end)users select a template from a list of available options, upload or enter the variables, such as text and images, then let the underlying engine produce the results and present them back to the user for review, further editing or finalisation

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