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Automated Production

Production on demand.

An engine that automatically builds documents from a given set of content.

The Wave 2 Publishing Platform lies at the heart of all Wave 2 solutions. It is a platform that automatically builds multi-media documents from a given set of content.

The Wave 2 Publishing Platform lets you choose a templated design and “customise it”, building output for online, wireless and video delivery using the built-in Rich Media engine or Adobe's InDesign for print components.

Creative artists provide the design input by building templates and setting "rules" using standard desktop applications (Adobe's Creative Suite for print documents, Google Web Designer and HTML5 for digital or mobile).

These rules provide tight control of your brand by restricting what the user can change, and how. You are ensured that the correct masters are being used at all times and making it possible for unskilled users to make simple changes.

The solution also automates the selection of output profiles and destinations for artwork. Additionally, it allows users to create proofs, but watermarks these to ensure no unauthorised usage. All of this is controlled by a Dynamic user interface that is driven from templates – and no programming or scripting is required!

Perhaps best of all, the Wave 2 Publishing Platform presents a SINGLE user experience for multiple channels, print and online, allowing ANY user to produce content for ANY channel.

100% Web Services

Wave 2 Publishing Platform is an engine that is 100% Web Services enabled, meaning it can run in a web environment that can be called upon remotely to perform a task and return results via a standard web connection when done. It is a prefect solution to add to an online portal supporting Web-to-print (aka Web2Print) services for the automated creation of advertising or marketing materials. Customer Self-Service solutions are easy to to accomplish to the Publishing Platform.

DAM Integration and OEM Licensing

Because of its ability to provide callable services through the use of well-documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), The Publishing Platform can easily be integrated into 3rd Party DAM systems and Portals. Partners that have entered into an OEM Agreement include companies such as Adam, Northplains, Encode and MediaValet.

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