Production Tracking

Multi-Production Centre Support

Production Tracking supports multiple production centres and the automatic distribution of complete ads between centres.

Whether you decide on Outsourcing your production work or keeping it all in house, Production Tracking is your solution.

Perhaps you have a distributed production environment with multiple graphic design locations, physical location is no challenge providing a reasonable internet connection is avaiable.

All the advantages and management tools are available, such as versioning, reporting across all editions and users.

Artwork housekeeping

Artwork can be housekept automatically using the Housekeeping Module. A powerful rule tree can be created giving you complete control over how long ads are kept on the system. This allows you to optimize the usage of your file storage by only keeping those ads that are likely to be needed again. For example you could delete motor dealer ads after a month, but keep other ads for six months and those in you Christmas features classifications for a year.

When housekept, ads are not deleted, but moved to an archive storage area and database links updated, so that the artwork can be restored to the live environment if required.




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