Wave 2 Solutions for Production Agencies

Solutions for Production Agencies

Introduce automation into your production processes and streamline graphic design and save creative production costs

Save creative production costs

EasyBuild is part of the Wave2 Publishing Platform and automates the production process for creatives. An easy template creation process, using standard creative tools, sits at the heart of the solution, offering creative studios and ad agencies full control over the designs. 

Using templates, the solution can create large numbers of advertisements, posters, flyers, videos, social media messages, etc. and can output the full range of print and digital formats, including HTML5, PDF, MPG and XML. EasyBuild supports the Adobe Creative Suite, including Premier Pro and After Effects, for video production.

This fully hosted and managed service for production of advertising and marketing material can either be driven interactively, via the EasyBuild user interface, or programmatically, from spreadsheet media schedules. Alternatively, for those agencies with their own technology, the solution can be fully integrated thanks to the well defined Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Perfect for third party DAM systems and Portals.

It reduces errors, shortens deadlines and significantly reduces costs, providing an agency or studio with a significant competitive advantage. The EasyBuild user interface can also be embedded seamlessly within an agency’s own portal in order to provide a powerful multi-channel “self service” facility for their customers, further reducing costs.

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