Aprimo Digital Asset Management & Wave2 Dynamic Publishing


Aprimo Digital Asset Management & Wave2 Dynamic Publishing

Automates the creation of advertising and marketing material, across all channels

Aprimo Digital Asset Management

To support customer experiences across so many channels, companies are having to create and manage a colossal amount of content. Get all of your content under control with Aprimo.

Aprimo helps companies intelligently manage content across the entire content lifecycle—from ideation to management to analysis. And with its robust library of connectors, Aprimo works with a wide range of other solutions, making Aprimo a powerful hub for your content.

Wave2 Dynamic Publishing

In today’s global marketing climate, the ability to generate rich media material for a wide variety of advertising platforms is essential. But, as more channels are employed, the workload required to produce all of these creatives is exploding - adding time consuming work and costly overheads.

Aprimo + Wave2 Dynamic Publishing

With the Wave2 connector for Aprimo, customers can quickly benefit from the combined strength of both Aprimo and the Wave2 Dynamic Publishing Solution. Search and browse assets stored in Aprimo directly within the interface to easily find the right content for the job.

The connector maintains a single environment between Aprimo and Wave2, so that users can easily access the relevant versions of content and can seamlessly interact with the DAM, while using the Wave2 features to quickly produce marketing and advertising material.

The Wave2 connector makes content governance simple. Specific users can only see content that’s classified for use, approved to go live, and has sufficient digital rights. All other content, including content under embargo or marked for use on other channels, is invisible. 

Wave2 empowers companies to transition traditional business models and replace them with dynamic, automated solutions that significantly cut creative costs, as well as generating new opportunities for marketing initiatives.


Saves Marketing Costs

•Simplifies creative workflows
•Automates studio production
•Reduces errors
•Supports all formats - static, dynamic, and video

Empowers the team

•Enables “self service”
•Protects the brand
•Refines deadlines
•Expands localization capabilities

Improves campaigns

•Allows targeted messaging
•Introduces “on-demand” creatives
•Supports responsive promotions
•Enables the cost effective employment of more channels

Wave2 Dynamic Publishing

The Wave2 Dynamic Publishing Solution is a flexible method for brand owners to increase the efficiency of campaigns for all channels. Not only does it assure brand consistency, it cuts deadlines, expands reach, saves money, and increases responsiveness.

With the Wave2 Dynamic Publishing solution, marketers and sales regions can further exploit the efficiencies and convenience that Aprimo offers.

For more information, please visit aprimo.com.