Shell Oil selects Easybuild 2 from Wave 2 Media Solutions for world–wide corporate brand management

Wave2 Press Release

Shell Oil selects Easybuild 2 from Wave 2 Media Solutions for world–wide corporate brand management

Provides a cloud-based self-service solution to global petrol stations

Wave 2 Media Solutions is proud to announce that Shell Oil, one of the world’s most recognized brands, has selected the Easybuild 2 platform to power a self-service portal for its corporate brand management needs.

The cloud-based solution will be used by Shell petrol stations around the world.

It allows store managers to create local, in-store, Point-of-Sale (POS) materials such as posters, signage, special offers and other graphic content. The HTML5-based solution also provides new multi-media capabilities that allow content to be created for websites, digital signage and video advertising.

All this is accomplished with templates that are created and maintained by corporate brand marketers. These templates, which are held centrally, include parameters that control how they are used when downloaded by the store managers, thus ensuring tight adherence to Shell’s corporate brand guidelines – even for content that is produced in different languages (such as Kanji).

The deal, a joint deal with Northplains, the supplier of Shell Oil’s digital asset management system, provides a complete graphic content creation portal solution, that manages all of Shell’s corporate brand imagery as they transition to a global solution for the thousands of petrol stations around the world.

The sheer scale of Shell’s global brand management is immense and branching out into multiple media formats necessitated a new method of doing things. Several important criteria therefore were considered when selecting Easybuild 2: The ability to deploy In the cloud, the underlying XML and HTML5 technology (which allows the creation of true multi-media content) and the ability to allow store managers to create their own creative content were imperative. The proven reputation of Wave 2 to deliver such solutions for brand management made this an easy decision.

Tom Hodges, Partner and Sales Manager of Wave 2 Media Solutions, says: “We are delighted to be working with Shell. The self-service portal is a perfect way to implement our EasyBuild 2 system to offer in-house marketing teams a cloud-based, Dynamic Publishing solution at an unbeatable entry point.”

Hodges continues, “The ability of on-demand generation of promotional material not only saves costs in agency production, it allows petrol stations around the world the ability to react quickly to their local market challenges, but in a way that ensures corporate adherence to the valuable Shell Oil brand.”