The Delta Group selects the EasyBuild 2 Dynamic Publishing Solution

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The Delta Group selects the EasyBuild 2 Dynamic Publishing Solution

Adds production automation as a self-service solution for large retail stores

Wave2 is proud to announce that The Delta Group (a global Marketing Services Agency for retailers and entertainment companies) has selected EasyBuild 2 to boost their marketing services offerings to large retail stores.

EasyBuild 2 excels at automating the creation of multi-media sales and advertising materials and making them available to a distributed user-base through secure self-service portals. Creation of a multitude of digital formats, such as video and interactive advertising is particularly of interest to retailers and agencies wanting to achieve cost savings while increasing their reach across the multitude of digital devices and in-store displays.

The Delta Group are using EasyBuild2 to automate the production of in-store point of sale material (POS), the solution also supports the delivery of advertising to digital displays and in-store signage.

The automation of large volume of Shelf-End-Tickets also allows The Delta Group and the retailers to achieve significant time and cost savings. The Delta Group’s customers, which include several big-box electronic stores, supermarket chains and other large retail outlets, typically have tens-of-thousands of these labels. While the information is relatively straight forward, it is the large volume that makes management of those tickets such a huge challenge.

Accuracy is also improved dramatically, which is vital to avoid human errors when labelling items such as medical supplies and drugs, products that typically need to comply with strict legal guidelines.

Further efficiencies are gained by allowing each store to create these materials themselves, using the EasyBuild 2 self-service portal. Overall brand control is ensured by The Delta Group’s creative department, who design templates which are made available (via the self-service portal, to the stores. This also establishes an infrastructure to deliver digital content to in-store displays and signs. As the content is created in HTML5 and MP4, any size screen can be targeted and, most importantly, the stores can do this themselves.

Prior to EasyBuild 2, the creation and turnaround of such content and material was a massive task due to these extreme volumes. Now, EasyBuild 2 pulls the relevant product information from the retailers extensive database and creates tickets and adverts in a matter of minutes.

Large retailers may have hundreds of stores and outlets around the country and each of those stores can now benefit, at the local store level, from these dramatically enhanced offerings. Each store now has the ability to implement locally-targeted campaigns and promotions, previously something that represented a real challenge and was extremely time-consuming and laborious.

About The Delta Group

The Delta Group is a global end-to-end visual communications provider with it head office in London, UK. Delta’s expertise lies in advising, creating, producing, activating and analysing a broad range of point-of-purchase visual communications, across the entire in-store and out-of-store marketing value chain.

The Delta Group has over 100 customers in more than 90 countries, such as catalogue retailers, corporate supermarket chains and nation-wide electronics stores. Some these clients are within the top 5 in their respective markets.

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