Wave2 launches EasyBuild 2 for Retailers

Wave 2 Press Release

Wave2 launches EasyBuild 2 for Retailers

Provides marketing automation and multi-channel advertising

London, 28th April 2016 – Wave2 Media, a leading supplier of dynamic automated publishing solutions, has launched EasyBuild 2 for Retailers.

EasyBuild 2 provides retailers with a comprehensive solution for managing digital assets as well as the multi-channel delivery of advertising and marketing material.

Already used by a number of leading international corporate brands*, EasyBuild 2 is an innovative self-service solution for creating custom-built advertising campaigns, promotional material and corporate collateral across print and digital media.

A key benefit is that it allows retailers to maintain ownership over the entire creative process as well as the streamlining of the graphic design process; lowering or removal of external studio production costs; and production on-demand of promotional materials (from basic labels to sophisticated sales sheets, multi-page flyers and posters).

EasyBuild 2 also allows the creation of multi-media digital collateral including video, HTML5, PDF as well as cross-platform adaptation across digital, mobile and print. Additionally, it automates the routing and delivery of the resulting artwork or creative.

Key features include templated designs, customisable options, as well as a simple uniform user experience for multiple channels. It also provides rigorous brand control by restricting what users can change and ensuring that the correct masters and artworks are being used at all times.

CEO of Wave2 Media, says: “Retailers aren’t short of good digital asset management systems, but what these DAM systems lack is the ability to harness a retailer’s assets and use them to create cross-platform marketing collateral in-house. EasyBuild 2 combines both in a single, easy to use system that is already used successfully by some of the world’s leading corporations. By offering EasyBuild 2 to retailers we hope that EasyBuild 2 becomes the go-to solution for on and offline marketing collateral in the retail sector.”

*clients include Shell, Diageo, Kia, Barnes & Noble, Emirates and Seat


For further information, please contact Tom Hodges on +44 (0)1344 861 133 or Get In Touch