Transforming Johnston Press’ Service To Advertisers

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Transforming Johnston Press’ Service To Advertisers


The publishing industry has evolved greatly in the last few years, largely due to the changes brought about by the Internet. Indeed, few industries have been more impacted than newspaper publishing.

Our client Johnston Press is a large regional publisher in the United Kingdom with a portfolio of 13 paid-for daily newspapers and more than 200 local newspapers, magazines and websites.

In addition, the company provides a raft of digital services to small and medium-sized businesses. Each month their various news brands touch the lives of more than 29 million people and they have one of the largest monthly digital audiences of any UK regional publisher. As they already produce quality content for their readers, this means a huge opportunity for online advertising.


Johnston Press need to deliver great ads across multiple media while reducing the cost of managing them and improving turnaround times. Given the online competition for ad spend, they also need to give their advertisers more visibility in the process and outcomes. Other challenges were:

  • Delivering well-designed ads that provide a great experience for readers
  • Selecting a production partner to allow them to offer quality ads at a competitive price
  • Ensuring that ads were uniformly represented and visually similar whether on print or digital


Express KCS in collaboration with Wave2 moved Johnston Press to an all-digital ad production workflow. The solution unifies and automates digital and print ad production, trafficking and management. It comprises one system to manage workflow, assets, approvals and creation of digital, print and video ads. The client has access to well designed ad templates from which to base their brief, and can track and mark-up their creation. It allows designs to be created more quickly and work in progress to be tracked from any mobile device, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The ad booking system is integrated with Express KCS’s proprietary award-winning system, MediaFerry, a cloud-based workflow management platform. A graphic designer in India picks up the order and creates the ad according to the brief and the advertiser can view it in MediaFerry, even as it’s being designed. When the design is complete, the advertiser views, marks-up or approves it and then the ad is pushed to the publisher for publication on the appropriate dates. All of this happens within MediaFerry.

MediaFerry is integrated with a powerful ad creation and distribution platform from Wave2 to bring further efficiencies. This is a highly flexible solution where ad creation and publishing to different online inventories are automated. Supporting all ad formats from simple print classified ads to high-end digital formats, the Wave2 Publishing Platform streamlines the workflow and improves deadlines. The solution also provides advanced analytics capabilities allowing the client to obtain detailed real-time analytics on the performance of the ad.

The advertisers get access to high quality graphic design without having to deal with layers of manual process and the publisher is refocusing their sales force staff and reducing expenses.


Johnston Press have taken advantage of both the cost savings of offshoring and Express KCS’ and Wave2’s technology leadership to address the challenges of reducing the cost of managing ads and being more responsive to advertising requests.

  • Express KCS and Wave2 were able to help reduce Johnston Press’ operational costs
  • We were able to take resource management issues off of their plate
  • Advertisers get ads created by first-rate designers
  • Advertisers’ print and digital ads share design aesthetic
  • Dynamic feedback of click-through rate, ad designs, highlighting those that are most effective


Johnston Press is one of the largest local and regional multimedia organisations in the UK. We provide news and information services to local and regional communities through our extensive portfolio of hundreds of publications and websites.

Each month our news brands touch the lives of more than 29m people across our publishing regions, delivering extensive coverage of local news, events and information. We offer national and regional advertisers a highly successful platform to link them directly with local audiences.


Express KCS Inc. is a global, independent provider of creative production services across print, online, mobile and video platforms. The company provides print and digital advertisement production, creative design, pre-media, editorial services, website, app development, and video post-production for brand owners, retailers, newspaper and magazine publishers, agencies and partners in North America and Europe. Express KCS is ISO 9001 certified and employs 400 people across two production centers in India.


Wave2 empowers companies to transition traditional business models and replace them with dynamic, automated solutions that significantly cut production costs as well as generate new revenue streams. Using state of the art technology, Wave2’s solutions embrace web, mobile and print and come supplied with a comprehensive suite of integration tools that allow for seamless integration within existing IT infrastructures.

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