Wave2 wins KM Media Group contract for ‘self-service’ site for digital advertising

Press Release

Wave2 wins KM Media Group contract for ‘self-service’ site for digital advertising

Wave2 Media has won the contract to create a comprehensive ‘self-service’ digital advertising site for the KM Media Group.

Kent's most well established publisher with a 150-year-old history, KM Media Group has evolved from a newspaper publisher to become a true multimedia company that delivers local news via a network of experienced reporters across channels that include press, internet TV, radio and online.

At the core of the contract is KM Media Group’s strategic decision to wrap all its digital services into one single offering for advertisers. This includes web, internet TV as well as radio. It forms part of the wider initiative by KM Media Group to develop its internal culture from just a print-based business model to a broader multimedia model.

The multimedia strategy will also see KM Media Group move away from fixed geographical boundaries for their advertising offerings. Rather than rely on just print distribution boundaries, this new service for Kent’s business advertisers will provide geo-targeting based on areas defined within Google Maps. Digital campaigns will be served to desktop and mobile devices using ads designed for multi-format presentation.

Chris Hodges, CEO of Wave2 Media, says: “As a family-owned business, KM Media Group has been able to respond decisively and swiftly to the changing publishing landscape. Its digital and multi-channel strategy is pioneering in its scope and we are delighted to partner with the company to help it further realise its digital potential.”

Further Information

For further information, please contact Tom Hodges on +44 (0)1344 861 133 or Get In Touch