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Splash Worldwide partner with Wave2 Media Solutions

Splash Worldwide partner with Wave2 Media Solutions to revolutionize Kaiser Permanente’s approach to regional marketing

Splash Worldwide has recently formed a partnership with Wave2 Media Solutions to develop a smart online automation solution, designed to make customized marketing easier and more affordable.

The solution has this week been adopted by Kaiser Permanente, the California based healthcare consortium. Through their agency Lowe Campbell Ewald, it will enable them to streamline their design processes for all regional marketing activity. Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed care organization in the US, and this activity includes regional Health Plan subsidiaries, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and regional Permanente Medical Groups.

The adaptation of a central brand campaign to accommodate both regional operational and the local audience needs can be cumbersome, time consuming and costly. For some time now there have been a number of both bespoke and “off the shelf” artwork automation solutions to enhance central control and introduce efficiencies. The new Splash/Wave2 partnership, through the integration of Wave2’s multichannel automation platform with Splash Worldwide’s OASIS product, has enabled the development of the next generation of this type of solution.

A powerful system is now available that gives users the ability to create their own brand controlled artworks with no need for creative skills, and to simultaneously manage the workflow and secure central approval. All of this is done through a single online portal. The benefits are self-evident…speed to market, flexibility, brand consistency and a saving of resource and time. Chris Hodges, Managing Director of Wave2 Media Solutions comments. “We are increasingly finding that marketers and agencies are looking for strategic direction, rather than just point solutions. Our partnership with Splash Worldwide offers exactly this.”

The project is being managed through Splash Worldwide’s recently opened LA office with support from its global HQ in London.

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