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Wave2 launches AdPortal Mobile Web App

London, May 2, 2016 – Wave2 Media has launched a new AdPortal Mobile Web App to offer its publisher clients a fully optimised self-service advertising solution for mobile.

The AdPortal Mobile Web App, which is being soft launched and rolled out steadily, positions Wave2 Media as one of the world’s leading providers of mobile self-service advertising solutions. The company’s client base, which includes many of the world’s top newspaper groups, can now offer users a self-service newspaper display advertising solution via mobile.

The AdPortal Mobile Web App has been created in response to the challenge of creating a seamless end-user experience alongside a mobile layout that works across all phones.

Whilst publisher clients are still able to offer Wave2’s fully mobile responsive layouts if they so wish, the AdPortal Mobile Web App takes this process one step further by integrating with the host phone’s internal services, for example, image management features and galleries.

Wave2 Media has chosen HTML 5 web app technology because of restrictions inherent in native app solutions. This includes native app usability issues across different mobile phone models, lengthy app approval processes, as well as restrictive phone memory issues for native apps.

Chris Hodges, CEO of Wave2Media, says: “What’s been clear to us for some time is that the way a mobile user wants to work – and the services they require – is vastly different compared to other devices. Self-service advertising solutions for publishers have to reflect this with the entire workflow developed accordingly.”

Hodges continues, “It is not just a matter of squeezing the page onto a phone and making it a responsive layout that users can then scroll up and down with. This doesn’t guarantee a usable end-user experience. It’s a key reason why we’ve chosen to build a state of the art web app rather than simply use responsive layouts.”

Further Information

For further information, please contact Tom Hodges on +44 (0)1344 861 133 or Get In Touch