Outputs mobile-friendly HTML5 - supports any device and OS

Flexible Ad Units

Outputs mobile-friendly HTML5 - supports any device and OS

Produce video, animated banners and advertising materials for any device and screen size with fully responsive HTML 5 formatting.

The IAB recently released the final version of the new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, featuring ads that allow for creative to adjust to a variety of screen sizes and resolution capabilities.

This ad portfolio is based on HTML5 technology and also includes guidelines for new digital content experiences such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), social media, mobile video, emoji ad messaging, and 360-degree video ads.

Wave 2 fully supports the HTML 5 creation of content. Not just for these flexible ad units, but for any digital content, thus ensuring you campaigns and digital materials are optimised for any device out there.

HTML 5 is the new player in town when it comes to creation of video and animated content. Forget Flash Player and other media players, all modern browsers have fully switched over to HTML5 as the preferred way to render video. If you still insist on using Flash, you are doing yourself (and your audiences) a dis-service!

Perhaps best of all, HTML5 is the most mobile-ready tool for developing mobile sites and mobile content. With Adobe announcing the death of mobile Flash, you will now count on HTML5 to do your mobile web application development. Considering the fact that Mobile devices are taking over the world, this is a good thing. The adoption of mobile devices continues to grow very rapidly and this means that more and more users will be using their mobile browsers to view your web site and content.

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