Customer Self-Service Portal

Self Service

Extend your advertising sales activity, allow advertisers to book their own ads at any time with the fully integrated Self Service Module (SAM)

Self Service

Built-in style tools

A sophisticated ad-make-up engine provides pre-defined styles and templates making it easy to create great looking ads.

Higher Yields

It's no secret that self serve applications lead to increased revenues. After all, your ad department can now be open 24 hours a day. Perhaps more importantly, is that your advertisers will come to expect self service tools as a a normal means of interacting with you! As the world adopts the online world more and more and with cell phones becoming an every day to browse the web, your business needs to be open all the time.

Improved Productivity

SAM provides the interactivity you need. Not just for private parties, but also for your trade advertisers. Those advertisers that send more than casual advertising to you. As they have a business to run, they cannot afford to waste time with a slow and inefficient user interface. They will also demand good looking ads, even if they need to enter the ad content themselves. This is where SAM's template-based solution comes in, enabling your advertisers to create professional looking ads, quickly and efficiently. And because the experience is so smooth for them, they'll be coming back again and again.

Tight Integration

SAM's tight integration offers immense benefits. After all, by using parameters already setup in the advertising system, setting up and maintaining SAM is a breeze and reduces system administration overheard considerably.

But it doesn't stop there!

Thanks to this tight integration, SAM becomes an enterprise-wide communication portal for your advertisers, especially trade advertisers who hold accounts, want advertising proof cycles and submit content over and over again. Now, you can have invoicing, statement and credit fed back to the on-line user (they must be an account holder) through a self serve portal. Advertisers can receive their outstanding invoices, pay online, see ad placement history and proof their display ads without ever leaving their office.




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