Welcome to FutureProof

A modular advertising business system for booking, contact management, advertisement sales, make-up and pricing.

Equip the advertising department with a complete and powerful package for contact management, advertisement sales, make-up and pricing. A complete advertising business management system, FutureProof will address all your advertising sales and booking needs.


The system caters to client management, canvassing, tele-sales booking, counter booking, advertisement space booking for display operators, web booking, leaflet management, credit card authorisation, scrutineering, management reports, semi-display advertisement creation, interfaces to a wide range of accounting systems, plus a Web feeder option to create an XML export file of the advertisements held within the system.

FutureProof Booking

Dominion wanted to go ‘all-in’ with its choice of publishing systems, so we needed a solution that would provide both breadth and flexibility. We did not expect any one solution to meet our needs off the shelf, and Miles 33 was willing to work with us to extend applications to suit our needs.

FutureProof Can:

  • Give your sales staff new tools to grow ad revenue
  • Book ads for any kind of media
  • Integrate full financial functions through CMS3000




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