What can Easybuild do for your business?

What can Easybuild do for your business?

Easybuild is designed to solve the challenges of today's proliferation of media channels. Here is what it can do for your business.

Increased Ownership of the creative process

EasyBuild supports the creative and production process of both print and digital materials. It is a single solution that is straightforward to use. Eliminate the need for outsourcing or growing skill sets for every channel you wish to support. Instead, your own marketing and sales teams will have efficient tools to develop high quality creative content with ease, and providing powerful cost saving production tools.

Simply put, Easybuild returns ownership over the entire creative process while ensuring adherence to brand guidelines.

Save creative production costs

By streamlining the graphic design process, internal studio production costs are reduced significantly. No additional or specialized skills are required. Users simply specify the type of creative they wish to build, select suitable designs, images and copy. The intuitive graphical interface then allows the user to edit text, images and layout before the Wave2 engine automatically creates a visually perfect result, for ANY channel needed. 

It represents state-of-the-art Dynamic Publishing.

Unlimited potential for growth and expansion

Easybuild can easily be expanded to cope with any changing criteria or production challenge – Increased volumes, new media channels, new digital or mobile platforms, even additional languages. All are easily included in the production process, often without requiring additional resources.

Best of all, the user experience remains the same, regardless of the new requirements and capabilities, so any corporate growth or desire to enter new markets will not require re-skilling or re-tooling.

Peace of Mind

Wave2 is part of the Miles 33 group, an internationally acclaimed solutions provider for media companies, advertisers and brand managers. With the Wave2 suite, you have a technology partner backed by a global corporation that not only has extensive experience in automation solutions, it also brings significant technology resource to the table.

Miles 33/Wave2’s proven track record of delivering any size technology project, on time and on budget, will provide peace of mind that YOUR requirements will be met.

Easybuild is an investment in the future.

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