Boost production efficiency with Easybuild from Wave 2

Boost production efficiency with Easybuild

Easybuild separates the production effort from the creative process, reducing manual production costs and errors.

Some key Easybuild Features include:

1.     Repurpose your Videos

Easybuild’s video support allows a video to be variable using a template approach. This can reduce video production costs significantly while removing many restrictions on where and how to use video.

2.     Integrated Media Manager

The integrated Media Manager allows users to browse, select and use the company’s assets and job tickets, right within the main user interface. No need for users to switch applications or learn multiple user interfaces to get a job done.

3.     Single User Experience

Your users will become more efficient thanks to only needing ONE user interface for print, digital and video.

4.     Multi-Job

Get more done thanks to Easybuild’s ability to produce multiple jobs simultaneously. Automates creation of web banners, MPU's, skyscrapers etc. makes for high productivity and further reduces costs.

5.     Multi Platform

Target ANY platform with Easybuild’s adherence to today’s standards. Whether targeting mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, websites or printed publications, animated HTML5 support as standard within the solution as is the use Adobe’s world-leading composition tools.

6.     Multi Media Scheduling

Never juggle conflicting deadlines again, no matter how many media channels you have. Simply schedule your multiple Media schedules into Easybuild to automatically create all required sizes for high volume campaigns.

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