Increased Ownership of the Creative Process

Increased Ownership of the Creative Process

Enable powerful and efficient dynamic publishing and web-to-print processes for both print and digital production

Efficient brand management and marketing localisation

EasyBuild supports both the creative and production process within a single solution that is straightforward to use. Of course, you remain in full control over your brand, at all times, even when you allow regional offices to use the product to create their own, local versions, of sales and marketing collateral. Templates allow you to control not only "what" can be done, but also "how" is it done (for example, how images are cropped). The results fully comply with your branding, always.

With Easybuild you can eliminate the need for outsourcing or the need of growing your internal skill sets for every channel you wish to support, regardless whether it is mobile, paint or desktop. Easybuld takes care of the process.

Instead, your own marketing and sales teams will have efficient tools to develop high quality creative content with ease, and providing powerful cost saving production tools. Using powerful web-to-print principles, efficiency and time savings will skyrocket, allowing your creative staff to do more within the same time.

Simply put, Easybuild returns ownership over the entire creative process while ensuring adherence to brand guidelines.

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