How 5G will impact your advertising

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How 5G will impact your advertising

Content consumption on the smartphone and 5g technology are on a collision course – 5G is coming and will change digital advertising in many ways

Perhaps you have already heard the term “Time Folding”.

It is a real “thing” – a new term to explain how people, mainly Gen Z, are consuming a huge amount of content on their phone. The term endeavors to explain how the younger generations are doing more than one thing at a time, they are “folding time” by skimming through content, spending perhaps 10 seconds or less on each bit they view. A necessity, because there is already more content available than eyeballs.

And that’s a problem for advertisers! Especially when one considers the trends of increased smartphone use and a growing young generation that is reaching an age where they become buyers of goods and services.

This behavior of glossing over content, is bad enough today – after all, the chances of not fully absorbing what they see is a real issue – but it is (very) soon to become worse – with the availability of 5G mobile networks.

While not fully rolled out yet, it is on every service provider’s rollout plan and it is expected to be transformative, with speeds that are 10 to 100 times faster than current 4G technology. 

As users will then be able to access content at rapid-fire speeds, marketers will have more opportunities to reach their audiences . . . .  but risk not making much of an impact due to the Time Folding phenomenon mentioned above.

While 4G speeds certainly provided the ability to stream video at acceptable speeds, 5G will make it a no-brainer, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity for savvy brand marketers.

A short video ad is of course a perfect way to grab the attention of the “time-folder” - it simply leaves an impression in a very short period of time – perfect for the viewer who is juggling multiple things at the same time and skims through content at a fast pace. But creating these short video ads can present a real challenge for creative departments. Special technology such as expensive software and high-powered work-stations, not to mention the skill-sets required to produce video messages in the right resolutions, sizes and formats required.

This is where the Wave2 Dynamic Publishing solution can be of immeasurable help.

Dynamic Publishing to the rescue

The term “Dynamic Publishing” is not accidental. The Wave2 solution actually creates content dynamically, on the fly. All you need to do is provide it with relevant bits of information – an image, a heading or a video snippet, select a template and the system does the rest. All the information required to produce the necessary output is encapsulated within the template, as is the layout and overall design. Furthermore, the solution will deliver more than just one output, a lifesaver in any multi-channel campaign. Just imagine the time savings in, simultaneously, producing a PDF for print, a digital ad for mobile devices (one that automatically adjusts it size depending on screen size) and a banner ad for the website. All using the same snippets of information you provided.

Furthermore, no special skills are required to accomplish this and, as the hard work is done at the server level, your workstation’s specification can be modest. The system is web-based so can easily be made available to users in remote locations, simply by using a browser. A great solution for global brands with remote offices and a great way to allow regional offices to rapidly create their own marketing content, in their own language, to combat local market conditions and competitive threats. 

All of a sudden, the prospect of producing multi-channel video advertising and marketing content is not as daunting as it once seemed.

Contact Wave2 now, get a demo and see for yourself how a dynamic solution can fit your creative marketing needs