Going Beyond mere “web-to-print” – multi-channel Dynamic Publishing is here.

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Going Beyond mere “web-to-print” . . .
multi-channel Dynamic Publishing is here.

The term “Web-to-print, also known as “Web2Print”, is has become somewhat old and outdated, mostly thanks to the rapid rise of the multi-channel marketing activities most brands are engaged in today.

Today’s marketers have needed to go well beyond generating marketing and advertising material “just for print”, which was the end target of the original “Web to Print” process. Indeed, in today’s global marketing climate, the need to dynamically generate rich media materials for desktop, tablet, mobile devices and social media is essential. But, as more channels are targeted, the workload required to produce all this content is exploding, adding a huge, and costly, overhead to the today’s marketing effort.

No real surprise then, that a more-capable, new-generation, solution is needed to efficiently create content for all these cross media campaigns!

That new-generation of tool is here and is described as a Dynamic Publishing Solution.

Dynamic Publishing defined

Dynamic page publishing is a method of designing content, such as advertising, in which layout templates are created which can contain different content in different channels or destinations.

Using this method, creative designers do not work directly on finalized materials, but rather on various layout templates and individual pieces of content, which can then be combined to create any number of finished adverts, in any format. In other words, by simply selecting individual pieces of content and a layout template, a finished ad (or multiple ads) is created dynamically, ready to to be published. Due to HTML5 format that takes cars of resizing to fit different size screens. Output can even include video, as a template makes it easy to select footage and provides capabilities for trimming, assembly, fading and other sophisticated treatments that otherwise would require special applications and skills to accomplish.

It should be clear then that Dynamic Publishing can offer significant advantages of efficiency over a web-to-print system. In fact, Dynamic Publishing is now used by many of the world’s leading brands to build high value marketing materials such as digital and print ads, video advertising, cross-media collateral and brochures, online catalogs, direct mail, eBooks and other documents, on demand.

Why Wave2 Dynamic Publishing is different

While the benefits if Dynamic Publishing should be clear, there may still be some doubt about the use of templates. Questions might arise like “how many templates do I need?”, “will the end result be too uniform in look and feel?” These are valid questions that have have an elegant solution.

The Wave2 templates are created with tags and “rules” that define “how” and “where” content is placed, how images get cropped, what colors and typefaces to use, etc. As a result the number of templates is significantly reduced without compromising the use. Another consideration is the sophisticated use of HTML5 that lets you create single template that will produce create content for multiple digital destinations simultaneously! These destinations can include: websites, tablets, in-house-displays, smartphones, etc.

In summary

Dynamic Publishing is a smart and efficient way to achieve customized, and localized, multi-channel advertising, regional marketing campaigns, advertising automation workflows inside of advertising agencies, catalog generation solutions for retailers and in-store digital displays, demand marketing solutions and cross channel marketing or campaigns. The benefits are endless.

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