Adding value to managing your brand’s digital assets – AUTOMATE

Adding value to managing your brand’s digital assets – AUTOMATE

How leading DAM Vendors do it

What do leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendors such as Aprimo,  MediaValet, Northplains and MediaBeacon have in common? They all offer automated content creation capabilities as an optional add-on module within their software solution.

The underlying technology that enables this is EasyBuild, a technology provided by Wave2, a global leader in automated content creation software.

The reasoning of adding this capability should be clear, the DAM system is where all the corporate digital assets are managed. These are the very same assets used to create the enterprise’s advertising and marketing materials. It make sense therefore to include the ability to dynamically create those marketing materials directly from within the system. Rather than export selected assets and then use an external creative service to assemble them into final materials, why not do it all within one and the same system and automate the process?

As you can imagine, multiple problems are eliminated:

First of all, it is faster, MUCH faster, as it simply avoids a multitude of steps in the process. The EasyBuild software can create multiple iterations and versions of the content SIMULTANEOUSLY. That fact alone is a huge time saver. But is also helps the enterprise “stay on brand”, delivering a more consistent look and feel, across all the advertising and marketing channels.

This then brings us to another huge benefit – consistency, or put another way, eliminating variations due to repeatedly creating out-of-system content. It is simply too easy (or tempting?) for creative staff to alter a brand’s look, “slip in” an unauthorized piece of content, or alter a layout. These things simply cannot happen if it is all governed by EasyBuild.

Put it all together and it makes for a much more effective Asset Management solution, and THAT is why these DAM Vendors have approached Wave2 to take advantage of their automation software “that is proven”.

To learn more about how these DAM vendors have utilized EasyBuild, we encourage you to visit Henry Stewart’s DAM Europe 2019 conference in London, UK. The event takes place from 27 - 28 June, 2019 and is located at the Radisson Portman, London. For more information about this event, visit Events DAM Europe 2019 | Henry Stewart


Of course, you do not need to have a DAM system to take advantage of EasyBuild!

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