Automating your marketing production and localisation

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Automating your marketing production and localisation

If you are a corporate brand or ad agency that produces any kind of advertising or marketing materials, you will undoubtedly find huge relief and will benefit from Dynamic Advertising.

With the proliferation of digital channels comes the complexity of ad creation, or ad production if you prefer.

Just imagine you are a global brand and want to advertise across multiple channels. We’re talking about channels such as smartphones, websites, social media networks, print, perhaps a billboard or in-store electronic display.  . and . . if your brand is truly global, you probably need all of the above in different languages too, seriously multiplying the sheer number of collateral needed.

Sounds daunting when summed up like that, right?

Well, did you know there is a solution that reduced the enormous challenge of actually producing this kind of content explosion down to a manageable size? And does so faster than you can imagine?

This is when Dynamic Advertising can come to the rescue.

Dynamic advertising is the act of automated ad building by reusing materials that have been pre-approved by your brand. Obviously, the more materials you have at hand, the richer the outcome and the more versatile the resulting ads will be.

This process of building the ads is governed by a set of intelligent templates. Templates that have rules embedded in them that are triggered by what materials are provided. Need a smartphone ad, but only have a 300dpi, 8x10 inch image? No problem, the template scales the image and can even crop the image based on pre-defined criteria. If the prospect of automated cropping worries you, fear not. The templates are “smart” allowing your creative staff to determine how images should be cropped. For example, images for an ad that promotes a hair product can “protect” the hair from being cropped. This ensures that the most critical part of the image (the model’s gorgeous hair) is unaffected, thus preserving the core “essence” of the visual impact. Similar rules can be used to for text and even video.

These “rules” are under total control of your brand’s creative staff, which means you maintain consistency in your corporate message. At all times, even when rapid changes to marketing campaigns need to be implemented, the templates will make sure that the “corporate look and feel” is adhered to.

These templates also help enterprises with remote locations that require local versions of collateral. The templates can be held (and maintained) centrally, but can be downloaded and customised, within controlled parameters (which are set by your corporate brand marketers), by local marketers for local reuse.

These templates are not just for ads, but can also be used for:

  • Traditional print requirements e.g. Business cards, letterheads, envelopes and compliment slips, brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, mailers, presentation folders, folder inserts, folio wallets, report covers, hand-outs, and invitations
  • Marketing campaign publishing requirements e.g. mini catalogues, direct mail, case studies, white papers, and display advertising
  • Online marketing e.g. Web site content and online shop front, web landing pages, video, digital display advertising, digital signage, and email promotions
  • Today enterprises need to launch products globally to maximise market impact, quickly respond to competitor incursions into their markets and customer bases, and capitalise on emergent market opportunities and new customer requirements in real-time both globally and locally.  

If you are a corporate brand or ad agency that produces the kind of materials mentioned in this blogpost, you will undoubtedly find huge relief and will benefit from, Dynamic Advertising.

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