How to enhance your Video Marketing the easy way

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How to enhance your Video Marketing the easy way

It is a known fact that including videos in your marketing activities will increase your conversion rates, especially on mobile devices, where reading text is more cumbersome.

There are studies around that claim this increase can be as high as 65% compared to messages that fail to include it.

Shoppers Prefer Visuals

Almost all of these studies show that shoppers are swayed by visuals rather than text alone – and the more detailed the visual, the better they feel.

In fact, over 90% of shoppers state that the visual side of things plays an important role in their decision-making process. Also, they are almost twice as likely to actually buy something compared to other forms of advertising when dealing with an e-commerce website.

Video also Builds Brand Awareness

Building a recognisable brand is always a sound thing to do, no matter the size of your business. Video is more likely to encourage people to share it with others, especially true on mobile devices. This is huge as it means your brand is being shared without you doing anything.

Google Loves It

Yes, Google loves video, or, more specifically, their SEO algorithms love it.

Possibly because Google owns YouTube, but it’s a known fact that your chances of being on that coveted page one will increase more than 50 times because of video.

Add this to the extra exposure of having your videos shared by consumers (social media or anywhere else) and it should be a no-brainer to consider including video in your marketing mix

EasyBuild can help

EasyBuild has had video automation capabilities for some time now, but the feature set is being enhanced. These new features include support for Adobe After Effects and will allow EasyBuild users to simply merge video sections or swap out existing footage with new segments. Adding text overlays, audio tracks and more will all become a breeze.

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