The best Social Media Marketing Dashboards for your business

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The best Social Media Marketing Dashboards for your business

Your agency or corporate office is most likely already active on social media, but if you are looking into, or are simply interested in evaluating, different tool-sets to help manage your social media marketing, we have a few suggestions for you.

Yes, the following tools all have a license fee, but the ones we list below also have a very capable free plan, perfect to try out before committing to a (sometimes extensive) plan.

Before we delve in, let’s establish a few criteria that we believe are important considerations:

1. Scheduling

Scheduling your social media activity is not only a smart way to be present without really being there, it is also vital to spread-out postings during the day or if you operate in different countries and have to navigate multiple timezones. Going into each social media account to schedule every post manually is not an efficient way to go about this, so a solid means of scheduling your post is important.

2. Productivity

While the ability schedule posts will already boost your productivity considerably, the ability to “write once, post in many networks” will make life a lot easier, not to mention the time it saves. We all want a tool that lets you specify what networks to post to and write that post only once 

3. Tracking

Each of the social networks offer ways of tracking your posts, but what about monitoring your competitors? Who follows them? How is their engagement? Who is talking about them? These and the same questions about YOUR brand, can be a hugely time-consuming effort. Would it not be wonderful so have all that info at tour fingertips? We think it is and that’s why we feel Tracking is an essential feature you need.

4. Analytics

You need to measure the effectiveness of your activities, so it is vital to know what type of posts get the most shares and engagement and are a “hit” with your audience. By seeing what your audience clicked on, you can fine-tune what your followers enjoy.

5. Collaboration

This last one is essential in any scenario where a team of people manage your social media campaigns and activities. If everyone uses the same tool, the team will be more focused and effective, especially when multiple offices or locations are involved.  Ideally, the tool lets you specify roles and duties and allocate social media tasks to each member, so you know who’s accountable.

With those essentials defined, let’s look at a few of these tools, which are all social media dashboards.:



Hootsuite is a popular Social Media Dashboard that has grown to over 6 million users. The dashboard is available in 13 languages. At this time, Hootsuite allows the following social networks: Twitter,  Facebook,  Google+, LinkedIn,  Instagram and YouTube. Other networks are supported through third-party plug-ins.

You can write a post, then simply tick-off the networks you want it released to. You can schedule a time/date, select targeting options, even a location. Adding media or links is a breeze and the posting window, instantly gives you an estimated audience the post will reach.

Their free plan does not allow collaboration and is limited to 3 social profiles and a limit of 30 scheduled posts. The free plan also includes basic analytics for tracking followers and various growth and content statistics and two RSS feed integrations. A pretty robust set of features for free.

A paid plan ranges from $29/month for individuals, to $599/month for teams.

Visit HootSuite at Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard - Hootsuite



TweetDeck is for Twitter only but is essential for anyone who is active on that platform.

TweetDesk is free for Twitter users, so why not take advantage of it? Create custom timelines, create and manage Twitter lists and searches, and add team accounts.

Like Hootsuite, TweetDeck is arranged in columns, with each column showing a chronological list of things like “mentions”, “Notifications”, etc. 

It’s all there and is a prefect platform for companies where live conversations are critical for business success. 

Visit TweetDeck

Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is different in the sense that they cater to agencies as well to marketers and offer a choice business or agency plans. Pricing for the paid plans ranges from $8.33 to $125+ for larger agencies. Features include managing multiple profiles, researching relevant keywords, working with team members, and, of course, the ability to schedule posts from one dashboard. It also offers “Facebook lead ads” (an innovative lead generation tool) and advanced reporting features,

Zoho Social’s free plan allows you to manage 1 brand and includes the URL shortener and SocialShare browser plugin.

Visit Zoho Social at Social Media Management Software - Zoho Social

Hopefully, this list of tools will give you some idea of what kind of Dashboard apps are available.

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