Adapt your global campaigns to local markets

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Adapt your global campaigns to local markets

So you are a global brand, covering multiple local markets, each of which has their own challenges, which may include language, culture, local competitors and more.

Generating demand in each of these markets requires creating localized collateral, essential if you really want your message to resonate with local audiences. While many marketers may not really know how to start localizing content, they most certainly will struggle with the process once they pick up momentum scaling up more and more content into each of the regions they operate in.

If this is you, it probably sounds familiar.

Typically, the challenges include one (or several) of the following:

  1. Budget and resource constraints limit the number of campaigns and collateral that gets localized, usually leading to a delayed response to local competitive forces.
  2. Difficulty in coordinating local, regional and global campaigns, while staying on-brand and maintaining message consistency.
  3. The sheer scale of localizing every message, for every region, is simply too time-consuming and impossible to achieve, making meeting growth goals and regional sales quotas hard or unachievable. Add in the need to prepare content for different channels (think websites, smartphones, social media networks, etc) and it quickly becomes an overwhelming challenge.
  4. Simplifying the message, while it might solve the challenge of preparation time, is not driving the desired demand.

Solving these challenges is not easy and chances are you are currently using agencies to prepare regional campaigns and related marketing collateral. Perhaps you even use different agencies in each of the countries you operate in. While that may outsource the sheer amount of work required, it is likely to be a costly proposition, not to mention the added challenge of managing brand consistently across each and every agency.

The good news is more and more organizations have found EasyBuild from Wave2, a leader in Dynamic Publishing and content automation solutions, to solve this very issue.

With EasyBuild, brands can:

  1. Create “master” source content in the form of templates. These templates define what can be changed and what CANNOT be changed by the local regions.
  2. These templates are available through a secure portal, so any user with a computer and web browser can be provided access, regardless of their physical location.
  3. EasyBuild templates can be prepared (in advance) for any kind of content – advertising, fliers, printed collateral, digital advertising, social media – and for any size. Digital content is HTML5-based and will automatically re-size to different screen sizes and all the IAB shapes (square, tall, narrow, banners, full size, etc) are catered for.
  4. Put these points together and it should be clear that EasyBuild can dramatically reduce the amount of work needed to create localized content. With just a browser, regional staff (or agency) can access the portal, select a template, make the required changes and have EasyBuild produce ANY kind of marketing material, in any shape, size of medium – and can usually do so simultaneously.

The EasyBuild platform is highly flexible and can cater to multiple scenarios. For example, brands with regional offices and staff can have portal access and use the templates, but regions without an office, can still rely on agencies and provide portal access to them. This has an added benefit of making the process of staying on-brand a lot less stressful.

The creation of templates is also flexible and can be either managed by corporate staff, or can be created by remote staff in regional offices.

Large, multi-national, brands have already deployed EasyBuild from Wave2. Why not get a demonstration and see if EasyBuild can help you grow your brand and save production costs?

Contact Wave 2 today, set up a demo and see for yourself how EasyBuild can help your business.

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