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Wave2 automates the building of responsive and interactive advertising

Dramatically reducing the cost for building targeted multi-channel advertising campaigns.

Wave2 has extended the automation technology within its core platform and enabled this within EasyBuild.

EasyBuild outputs Responsive Content

One of the challenges for anyone building digital campaigns these days is to cost-effectively produce a range of creatives that can be delivered to the wide range of devices and formats that are in common use. Once we include the frequent need to localise and target these creatives, the time taken to build the large number of individual sizes and versions is a serious drag on deadlines and budgets.

EasyBuild now includes new features for automatically creating and resizing these advertisements in a matter of minutes. This capability also dramatically reduces the number of different templates required to prepare multi-channel campaigns. The feature supports the building of static, animated and video display material in HTML and HTML5 formats. The resulting advertisements will dynamically resize themselves as they adapt to the screen size upon which they are being viewed. By reading a media schedule, the same feature also makes it possible to automatically create large numbers of localised and individually sized creatives from a very small number of templates.

Michael Moore, CEO of Miles 33, says “This feature significantly simplifies the challenge of creating a multitude of animated digital ads to run on the wide variety of mobile devices and tablets, each with its own screen proportions”.

The new HTML5 capabilities of EasyBuild are also available within self-service web portals. This allows remote users to build, and target multi-channel campaigns without the need for any creative skills or technical understanding. The designer controls what the user can access and edit, design rules are maintained and the integrity of the brand is protected.

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