How Dynamic Publishing can help Omnichannel commerce

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How Dynamic Publishing can help Omnichannel commerce

Omnichannel commerce is increasingly becoming a panacea for brands trying to “be everywhere

You might have heard about the term “Omni-Channel” (aka Omnichannel).

It is the next thing big thing after “Multi-Channel”, which has become so, you know, “last year” as far as trends go. Now we do not know exactly how many channels it takes before “Multi” becomes “Omni”, but we are sure it is a lot!

All joking aside, Omnichannel commerce is increasingly becoming a panacea for brands trying to “be everywhere”.

The concept behind Omnichannel is relatively simple, it is all about brands positioning themselves in every channel and delivering superior customer experiences along with the necessary support to satisfy increasingly demanding shoppers. In other words, it is a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a consistent shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store. Throw in social networks and the challenges for brand marketers becomes evident – how to cover all these channels effectively and efficiently?

To really understand this challenge, let’s take a look at the following example, but from the customer’s perspective, something we probably all can relate to.

Imagine casually looking at an item online and then, shortly after, seeing ads promoting that item popping up on your Facebook page, appearing in app notifications and on online news sites you visit. Then, when visiting a brick and mortar store, you can’t help but see posters and signage for the same item. Now, did you ever stand still and wonder why every presentation looks similar? It’s much more than just the familiarity with the item. It about using the same colours, the same typeface, the same face or model, sometimes even the same image, just resized or cropped to suit the device/poster/webpage/flyer/banner you happen to be looking at. THAT is Omnichannel marketing and it is hard to achieve, but very profitable if done properly. It can also be extremely costly to achieve, if done in conventional ways.

Now here is the crunch, a recent report by Brightpearl suggests that while 87% or companies agree that omnichannel commerce approach to marketing and selling is critical to their business, only a small number of them have managed to master this method.

This is where Dynamic Publishing comes in.

Dynamic Publishing is a collaborative approach to achieving corporate marketing collateral to promote brands. It is a technological solution to a demand that would otherwise be too expensive to fulfill. Dynamic publishing embraces both global operations and the multi-channel world of marketing communications. It enables rich media such as video, hi-resolution pictures and logos to be distributed electronically to the global point of need. Essentially, Dynamic publishing enables corporate marketers to quickly and easily design marketing promotions templates that can be stored centrally, but can be downloaded and customised, within controlled parameters set by corporate brand marketers, by local marketers for local reuse.

The key here is, these templates are created by just a few marketers that define brand guidelines, but the actual materials (banners, signs, advertisements, flyers, etc) can be created by many. The templates drive the “look and feel’ of these materials, regardless of what device, platform or format they are created for.

The benefits of this are huge of course. Consider:

  • Easier to create Personalised Communications
  • Easier to create Local Materials (e.g. price, language, special offers due to local holidays, events, etc)
  • Maintain quality creative standards
  • Remain “On Message” throughout
  • Populate every channel, print, mobile, website or social media, with ease. 

The result is dramatically reduced workload and cost.

See some interesting stats here: 

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