A web to Print solution like no other


EasyBuild 2 – A web to Print solution like no other

Web to Print (or Web2Print) is A corporate success story

Easybuild 2 is a corporate success story empowering the implementation of web to print workflows

Whilst publishing news has tended to dominate all the headlines this year, at least from our perspective, slipping under the radar has been the phenomenal success of our corporate brand management solution, EasyBuild.

One of the reasons for our reticence to shout far and wide about the success of EasyBuild is the fact our new clients tend to prefer anonymity over publicity, especially when it comes to technological platforms and solutions. We fully respect this, especially in such a dynamic marketplace where even the smallest innovation can lead to a significant competitive advantage.

Suffice to say that some of the world’s largest companies (FTSE 100 and Fortune 500) are now using our corporate brand management software spanning a wide variety of sectors – from property to automotive, from beverage to mobile.

Our achievement comes off the back of a well-received upgrade of the EasyBuild platform earlier this summer. Simply renamed EasyBuild 2, the revamped platform comes equipped with a raft of improvements – for example the ability to create animated video, language translation and a number of other additional advertising capabilities such as custom re-sizing for different formats.

Key to the success of EasyBuild 2 is that it allows companies to manage their marketing comms and messaging in-house. Obviously this can only work if the user interface is intuitive, easy to grasp and seamless to use for every member of staff. Corporate comms for a multinational demands that different users of different abilities can pick it up fast. EasyBuild 2 achieves this with its intuitive graphical interface. Our self-service portal for corporate brand management also scores highly with its ability to create promotional materials on-demand. There is no more need to use expensive external agencies for items like labels, flyers, brochures, sales sheets (and even videos). Corporate companies can simply roll out internally created marcoms materials to all their regional divisions or franchises quickly.

But perhaps the biggest advantage is that our automated corporate collateral solution allows corporate clients to retain strict control over their brand messaging and corporate identity, including copy, colour, design, fonts etc.  This aspect alone makes our EasyBuild 2 solution worth investigating further.

Finally, like all our cross media publishing products, Wave2 is committed to a programme of continuous development across our entire portfolio of solutions in a bid to keep them market leading. Commercial confidentiality prevents us from announcing them in advance, but suffice to say we are looking forward to some exciting times ahead!