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Print-to-digital targeting gains ground

Transitioning legacy publishing models is at the heart of our AdPortal self-service advertising solutions. We’ve believed for a number of years that those publishers who remove the boundaries between various media channels and embrace multi-channel strategies will be far better placed to navigate today’s market.

Our attention was piqued, therefore, when we came across an article in Digiday which looks at Hearst’s campaign for the new Toyota Prius. It represents the very first time that Hearst is targeting print readers and following them up with digital ads.

How does it work? ‘When someone fills out a (print) subscription form online, that data is loaded up into Hearst’s system and attributes like age, ethnicity and household income from third-party data are tacked on. Hearst can then target those readers across its online sites.’

The Prius campaign is a big one, aiming to reach 50 million consumers this summer with a mix of print and digital across a whole swathe of Hearst titles. It’ll be made up of native-style text and video ads as well as social posts. In short, it’ll pioneer advanced ways of erasing the boundaries between various media channels and putting the Prius message in front of knowledgeable prospects.

This breakdown of traditional boundaries between various media channels has been on the cards for a number of years, but is now a reality. It’s a key reason why we’re helping transition publishers like Kent Messenger Media Group to become fully fledged multi-media concerns in their own right.

It’s also why we believe our AdPortal self-service advertising solutions are so compelling. These solutions offer a wide choice of advertising packages that embrace print, online and mobile in one fully automated setup.

Take for example our AdPortal Display product. This solution targets small businesses that publishers’ sales teams often struggle to reach. This could be because of costs to service the SME sector, lack of resources or inaccessibility to visits from field sales staff.

Whatever the reason, AdPortal Display addresses the problem by allowing SME’s to design, build and book ads with ease, all within one fully automated solution. And because it is fully automated, advertising costs are significantly reduced.

It lets sales teams focus on bigger accounts and allows publishers to capture a hugely lucrative SME market that they might otherwise miss out on.

Whether it’s print-to-digital or digital-to-print, the bottom line is that boundaries are increasingly becoming irrelevant for both publishers and advertisers alike. The challenge is to develop automated solutions that address this and offer reduced production costs, a bigger customer base and enhanced revenue streams.

If you’d like to know more about our self-service advertising solutions for publishers please contact Tom Hodges on + 44 1296 642 880 or email thodges@wav2.com. He’d be delighted to hear from you!