Media Publishing Solutions

Future technologies . . . . for today

The emergence of freely available electronic news and information channels has changed the face of media publishing forever. With falling circulation numbers, revenues generated from traditional printed advertising sales are in decline. To address this issue, Wave2 has developed a range of solutions that enable publishers to adopt the new technologies they need to expand distribution channels and attract new advertisers.

More than 40 publishing companies currently use the range of Wave2 solutions across 100+ web sites. Based on one single, highly scalable platform, applications have a proven track record of delivering cost reductions, improved margins, increased revenue and high customer retention levels.

AdPortal is an innovative self-service advertising solution that allows your customers to build, book and manage their own ads through your web site. Flexibility is key to the success of AdPortal. It is suitable for both classified and trade display ads and can even handle the complex requirements of high volume motor and property advertising. Clients can choose to place their ad in a variety of formats including print, on-line, plasma screen, animated flash or video.

MarketPlace is a powerful online classified advertising website. It can accept advertising feeds from any number of sources, including of course, Wave2 AdPortal. Quick and easy to deploy, MarketPlace can easily be branded and integrated with a media company’s existing online presence. MarketPlace is a truly multimedia solution and will support all advertising types making it possible to upsell advertisers to generate more and new revenue. MarketPlace provides integration with social networking services and support of the latest mobile devices.

Studio automates the time consuming process of producing visuals and spec ads for field sales staff when visiting new prospects. It reduces reliance on production departments, shortens the overall sales cycle and helps increase conversions rates. Sales teams are empowered by their ability to quickly create a range of ads relevant to the company they are visiting.

Merchant offers publishers the opportunity to maximise revenue by turning current and archived material into personalised product sales. Published photographs and ‘Front Page News’ mementos are frequently requested by readers and Merchant makes it easy for either your sales staff, or your customer, to find and compile the editorial and photos required. If you are interested in reaching a new audience and turning archived material into sales, Merchant can deliver.