Sales & Marketing Solutions

Manage & Control Corporate Communications

The efficient control of promotional activities across multiple locations is a major concern for many companies. Ensuring all corporate communications adhere to a central message, project the right brand image and still remain relevant to a wide range of regional audiences, can be time consuming and expensive. Wave2 offers a range of solutions that remove both cost and complexity from the process.

Our publishing platform allows all sales & marketing information to be produced centrally, in approved format, before distribution to regional offices. Each division can then insert local contact details and additional pre-authorised information that is applicable to their specific area. Following the template rules laid down by central office, individual branches can respond quickly to events in their local environment and remain compliant with brand requirements.

Central management of sales and marketing promotions ends expensive reliance on multi-location creative skills. It means a variety of cross-channel campaigns can be composed and rolled out across a network of branches quickly, that brand integrity is protected and that the appropriate message is delivered to each individual audience.

Shell and Diageo are just 2 of the regional, pan-European and global operations that have incorporated solutions into their communication processes. Other types of business who benefit from centralised, automated production include:

Hotel Chains
Car Manufacturers and Dealers
Petroleum Suppliers
Tour Operators
Food & Drink Distributors