Automate and Expand Your Support for Your Franchisees

Protect Your Brand while Providing Effective Sales and Marketing Tools

Your new franchisees in Tampa, Topeka and Tempe are about to launch new locations and need it all – the marketing tools to hit the ground running. How do you control promotional activities in multiple locations with a consistent message, image and quality?

Wave2 has released the first cross media self-service portal designed to support Franchisors and their Franchisees called iPublish Corporate. Completely managed by you and your creative staff it offers controlled access to your franchisees and is 100% self-service. It will replace the countless phone calls and emails but still provide you with the brand control and high quality design standards you demand. Energize Your Franchisees by Providing Automated Tools with iPublish Corporate for:

• Advertising – both print and digital
• Direct Mail
• Signage - Point of Purchase (POP)
• Brochures
• Business cards
• Product sheets or Menus

Think how effective your next presentation will be to prospective franchisees when you demonstrate iPublish Corporate your new Franchise portal.

• Completely white label it will have your brand, your content and your guidelines built in.
• Based on Adobe InDesign Server it is fully compatible with your existing InDesign layouts.
• It will streamline the ordering process for materials and is flexible enough to be updated by you.
• iPublish Corporate is a completely cloud based self-service portal that is easy to setup and manage.
• Wave2 will work to integrate iPublish Corporate into your commercial printer’s website to fully automate print ordering.
• Your franchisees can localize and customize jobs adhering to your corporate standards.
• Your franchisees will quickly adopt its use and begin producing high quality marketing pieces.

Contact Wave2 directly today for a demonstration. Learn more about our cost effective licensing with its low point of entry and pay as you go cloud based solution. just Click Here for more information.