Do You Feel Like a One Man Shop with Big Company Requirements?

Are you struggling with promoting your business and staying compliant with your Franchisor’s branding guidelines?

Promote your business while staying compliant with your Franchisor’s branding guidelines. Wave2 has developed an easy to use powerful cross media (print and digital) portal called iPublish Corporate that will help you drive business, increase profits and become the darling of corporate marketing. No more stretching the rules to get things done. You can work within the corporate marketing guidelines but still respond and create the campaigns you need to grow your business.

Use Your Creative Energy and Customize Your Own:

• Advertising – both print and digital
• Direct Mail
• Signage - Point of Purchase (POP)
• Brochures
• Business cards
• Product sheets or Menus

Working with your franchisor’s marketing team Wave2 fully equips iPublish Corporate with the same corporately branded pieces you use now. The difference is we empower you to customize, regionalize and promote with just the use of your browser.

In operation on hundreds of websites it supports an easy to use intuitive workflow so that you can build and order customized high quality marketing pieces when you need them. Accessible with just a browser you will have the power of your own advertising agency at your finger tips.

With a powerful rich media server under the hood you can order digital advertising for your local newspaper or build a creative and order it to run as part of a national campaign. In store promotions, customer handouts, local print ads, direct mail pieces they are all possible with Wave2 when you need them and how customized you need them.

Contact Wave2 directly or urge your Franchisor to contact Wave2 today for a demonstration of iPublish Corporate. Just Click Here to register.