Transform Your Business

If you need a smarter, more cost-effective way to reach your customers, Wave2 has the solution you are looking for. Whatever you wish to produce, across whichever media you choose, our software allows you to automatically create and control all of your corporate communications.

Our Wave2 Publishing Platform is the engine that drives our products. This powerful tool means that users don’t require advanced technical skills or design expertise to consistently produce professional, high quality communications. Given a set of styles and design rules it can quickly and automatically construct a complete image, document, web page or animation.

We configure our products to fit your business. Whether you wish to produce simple display ads, interactive videos or implement an innovative web site for self-service advertising, we can give you the tools you need. We also offer you a choice of purchase options; you can choose between our fully managed and hosted model or a standard licensed software agreement. This flexibility ensures you get the very best solution for your business and has allowed us to build an impressive list of satisfied customers from around the world.

For advertisers and marketers, automating the preparation of corporate communications makes good business sense. Benefits include the ability to make changes quickly, decrease production times, reduce manual administrative procedures and end reliance on expensive expertise. Likewise, progressive publishers and media companies understand that providing multi-channel, self-service advertising tools to their clients helps secure the future success of their business.