Some of our main features

Wave 2 easybuild lets you automatically produce adapts and new versions. Let Wave 2 take care of the production process so you can spend more time being creative.

HTML5 formats fit any screen size

Responsive Design

Outputs mobile-friendly HTML5 - supports any device and OS

Produce video, animated banners and advertising materials for any device and screen size with fully responsive HTML 5 formatting.

Multi-Language support


Improved campaign reach with Multi-Language support

Create regional versions of your content in any language – in-house or by regional staff using a portal.

Publish in multiple channels. Dynamically resize your creative content to suit. Any size or orientation

Dynamic Resizing

Need multiple sizes or orientation? Produce them automatically

Publish in multiple channels. Dynamically resize your creative content to suit. Any size or orientation

Ensure every adaptation of your content is perfect  with flexible rules

Flexible Layouts

Ensure every adaptation of your content is perfect

Define anchor points, specify how to use white space and have precise control over how to scale, resize or even crop content

Create materials for ANY channel with Wave 2 solutions

Automated Production

Production on demand. Always available when you need it

An engine that automatically builds documents from a given set of content.

Auto Resizing and language localisation

Auto Resize

Producing multiple sizes, simultaneously, is easy.

ONE solution for all content delivery, regardless of size or destination platform.

Stay on-brand – always.

Brand Management

Stay on-brand – always.

Maintain full control over your brand with precise control over what remote users and partners can, or cannot, change within their local message.

Works with your DAM

Asset Management

Integrate your favorite DAM – or use ours

Leverage your existing investment in Asset Management technology. ONE system, ONE user interface.

Works with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud ®

Plugins to Adobe's Creative Cloud Apps – including InDesign and Premiere

Our automated tools work flawlessly with Adobe's Creative Suite – the standard productivity and design suite.

Creat a true Omni-Channel presence

Regardless of what channels you target, Wave 2 technology increases your productivity 

Wave 2 solutions make Omni-Channel Output a breeze

Multi-Channel advertising

Target any digital channel such as smartphones, tablets, websites, printed publications, marketing collateral, even in-store displays

Save time producing versions for each and every ad channel. Our solution does all the hard work for you.

Wave 2 solutions create ads for billboards and inhouse displays too

Digital in-store displays too

Wave 2 automates the design of ANY ad, even those for in-store displays and signs.

Use the same web-interface. If it has a screen, chances are we can create an ad that fits!

Create great looking marketing collateral

Marketing Collateral

Create great looking marketing collateral such as fliers, pamphlets, labels and much more.

Dynamic creation using web-to-print workflows and a WYSIWYG user interface.

Advanced Technology

Our technology is state-of-the-art

Powerful APIs make integration easy

Application Programming Interfaces

The Wave 2 solutions come with advanced APIs. Use them to integrate your existing technologies for DAM, BPM and much more

Our APIs are fully SOAP and REST based and comply with the latest interfacing protocols.

Enable powerful web-to-print and dynamic publishing workflows

Web to print and Dynamic Publishing

Create a dynamic web-to-print workflow

Empower all your staff, regardless of where they are physically located. Remote offices, different countries or just at home. They can all be productive.

Easy to Use WYSIWYG interface


A beautiful and intuitive user interface guides the user through the process

Select a base template, upload images and text, select the channel options and the system does the rest.