The Wave2 Publishing Platform

The Heart of all Solutions

The Wave2 Publishing Platform, (W2PP) is the platform that supports the product range. This single application provides organisations with the ability to create an impressive range of corporate communications quickly and easily.

All that W2PP requires is a set of styles and design templates. Its powerful rules engine can automatically construct a specified document, display ad, animation, web page or presentation for transmission across multiple channels including print, online, mobile and video. It’s not only Wave2 customers who appreciate the stability and capabilities of W2PP; several independent software producers have embedded the engine into their own solutions.

With a modular architecture and a rich set of integration tools, W2PP is highly scalable. It has the flexibility required to integrate into an organisation’s existing infrastructure as well as third party systems where required. Installation is low impact and users do not require specialist creative or technical skills.

The business case for W2PP is simple. Measurable time and cost savings are achieved by decreasing the complexity of multi-channel document production. In addition, W2PP incorporates standard Adobe technology to ensure that designers, production staff, and other users are working with tools and technology with which they are familiar.

Applications supplied with the W2PP engine include a Configuration Tool which allows a designer to set creative rules and import templates, the Administration Tool for monitoring system activity and a powerful suite of integration tools. Purchase options are flexible to ensure the best fit for your organisation. W2PP can be leased as a fully supported, hosted application or purchased under a standard, licensed software agreement.