MarketPlace - Innovative Online Classified Advertising

Future-proof Your Advertising Sales

MarketPlace is a powerful online advertising web site and listings engine with full search capabilities. If you are producing online advertising, this complete solution will give your business the flexibility to meet your customer’s exact requirements.

Offering a complete range of ad formats including listings, lineage, semi-display, animations and video content, this highly configurable solution is ideal for a vast array of advertising categories including motors, properties, retail and private sales.

Reaching multiple channels is easy with Marketplace. It integrates closely with Google Maps or Ads and links with popular social networks as well as most mobile devices. It also connects with a wide range of advertisement feeds including Wave2’s AdPortal.

One of the many innovative features of MarketPlace is its ‘alerts capability’. This allows your customers to request a specific item if their initial search proves unsuccessful. MarketPlace informs the customer when an item matching their request becomes available. Alerts can be sent across a variety of channels including email, automated messaging, social networks or mobile phones.

By providing a variety of services and multimedia options. MarketPlace will enable your organisation to significantly extend its reach and ensure your offer remains relevant to your customers both today and in the future. The opportunity to increase customer loyalty, gain new business and increase sales revenue is clear.

This powerful advertising tool is within your reach. It’s an off-the-shelf solution that can be up and running very quickly, has low entry and running costs and can easily be configured to mirror your existing online presence.