Corporate – Self-Service Portal for brand management

Optimise Your Communications

Wave2 Corporate empowers local sales, franchisees and corporate marketing staff to dramatically increase their effectiveness

This solution allows sales and marketing staff to build their own creative material, while protecting and maintaining the brand. From simple template designs to highly creative layouts, no design or creative skills are necessary. The user simply specifies the type of creative he wishes to build and selects suitable designs and images/copy. A simple graphical user interface allows the user to edit text, images, etc. and the Wave2 rules engine automatically builds a visually perfect result.

Corporate empowers marketing and sales staff to produce their own creative material, while saving significant cost in design and management activity. Production costs are significantly reduced by removing much of the overhead of design, approval, and delivery. In addition, the availability from Corporate of the final creative is immediate.

With Corporate , a marketer, sales person or franchisee can customise and build anything from basic labels to sophisticated sales sheets, posters and advertisements. And with the addition of the Wave2 Rich Media Engine, Corporate can also empower the user to create online ads, powerful animations and even video formats.

Corporate automates many of the time-consuming and expensive tasks associated with producing marketing material and running advertising campaigns. For print, Corporate can create multiple versions of a sophisticated advertisement, each adjusted for the size of the publication in which it is to appear. For online, Corporate allows non-skilled users to quickly and easily create a custom animated display ad or video presentation. Complete campaigns can be localised, customised, and dispatched across multiple channels in various formats.