AdPortal - Display Advertising

Increase your audience without increasing costs

We can help you overcome the problems publishers face when trying to reach small business advertisers. Many SME’s are run from private homes or in premises that are not easily accessible to field sales. In addition, owner-operators are often overstretched and don’t feel they have the time to develop planned and targeted promotions. Others believe that advertising campaigns are beyond their budget. Whatever the barriers, we can help you break them down.

By offering a choice of combined advertising packages, you can extend your reach to SME’s and offer them much more than just traditional print advertising. Businesses who thought they could not afford large format, multi-channel or interactive advertising will be pleased to find these options are now available to them at a price that is within their reach.

The secret is self-service. AdPortal allows your customers to easily build, proof, book and manage their own ads through your web site. Clients can pay by card or on account, check their status, amend or rebook ads as they please. They can choose from a variety of ad formats, from simple line ads and semi-display, to search listings and animations. When completed, ads can be transmitted across a variety of media including print, mobile or online. AdPortal’s new Rich Media capabilities even allow the creation of powerful video adverts. All this with no increase in your production costs.

A simple, step-by-step ordering process ensures users find AdPortal very easy to operate. Clients do not need any specialist design skills or expertise to build professional, high quality ads. And with 24-hour access they will also appreciate the ability to build their advertising campaigns when their schedule allows.

Your business will benefit from the ease with which AdPortal orders are processed and the decrease in costly overheads. No more chasing amendments, late copy or rushing to fix problems with artwork. Integrating AdPortal into your business is straightforward and all functions blend seamlessly into your current order entry system.