Adportal - High Volume Advertising

A solution that meets the needs of Motor and Property Professionals

AdPortal is a key solution for clients who depend on intensive product advertising for business success. If you are compiling ads for property agents, product retailers, or motor dealers, you know how laborious and time-consuming the process can be. AdPortal will make completing detailed ads faster, easier and more cost-effective for everyone involved.

Being able to produce and manage their ads through your web site offers a range of advantages to your clients. With the boundaries between online and printed media removed, customers can choose from a variety of advertising formats and channels. This allows them to reach a larger audience and to achieve real, measurable sales growth.

AdPortal users find the system very easy to adapt to. A simple ‘drag and drop’ function allows the advertiser to choose a layout and select the required content to build and complete their ad. Even large and complicated multiple-stock listings can be compiled easily with the support of our inventory management module.

The highly scalable Publishing Platform gives AdPortal the flexibility to expand to meet your requirements. Even during peak periods large quantities of orders, from advertisers with complex requirements, can be processed easily and efficiently.

The benefits of incorporating this powerful solution into your business are obvious. Levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty increase, deadline pressure eases and production costs drop. Increased order values, prompted by AdPortal’s upsell features, and fewer refunds due to administrator error, contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Meeting the specialist requirements of motor and property advertisers can be easy.