AdPortal - Classified Advertising

A simple approach to higher profits

If your business sells classified advertising you know that success depends on meeting a broad range of consumer and trade customer requirements. Advertisers want a comprehensive selection of classifications and wide distribution across both print and electronic media. They expect a choice of ad size and format, flexible deadlines and to be able to order and pay quickly. AdPortal will enable you to meet and exceed every customer expectation.

This innovative solution allows your clients to easily build, proof, book and manage their own ads through your website. A simple, step-by-step ordering process means users find it very easy to operate. It supports any number of classifications and formats, from simple line ads to semi and full display. When completed, ads can be transmitted across any media channel (print, mobile, online) with virtually no increase in production costs.

Think of the possibilities. In addition to regular classifications such as For Sale, Business Services and Family Announcements, you could attract additional revenue by offering ‘exclusive’ classifications for local events or special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

Integrating AdPortal into your business isn’t complicated. It is designed to mirror your brand and the presentation can also be altered to match specific advertising sectors or publishing regions. All functions, including credit card payments, blend seamlessly into your current order entry system . Bookings are processed efficiently and automatically, without the need for staff intervention.

Increasing sales revenue from almost every transaction is achievable with AdPortal’s proven upsell tool. It increases the number of potential advertisers to your site with the offer of free or low-cost ads. When clients begin building their ad, they are presented with a variety of enhanced ad versions and additional options. The result is a significant, measurable uplift in average order values . It’s a simple strategy that has consistently proven successful for existing AdPortal customers.