ClassPass signs for Wave 2’s Easybuild 2 dynamic publishing solution

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ClassPass signs for Wave 2’s Easybuild 2 dynamic publishing solution

The solution allows ClassPass to automate the production of all their digital advertising materials

London, April 2018 – Wave 2 is proud to announce that ClassPass, the leading fitness membership, has selected Easybuild from Wave 2 as an internal, creative, solution to automate the production of all their digital advertising.

ClassPass is a monthly subscription service providing access to the world’s largest network of boutique fitness studios and gyms. A key consideration behind the agreement was the need for ClassPass to generate high volumes of advertising materials requiring multiple sizes, formats and numerous localisation elements together with tight deadlines.

Every time ClassPass changes their promotional offers, discount codes, images and animations, it needs to make these changes across all the different ad types and sizes within a campaign, in each of countries and cities they operate in. More importantly, this needs to be accomplished within a short timescale. As ClassPass grows and adds additional regions to its business, the challenge gets proportionally more complex.

By implementing Easybuild 2, these updates and promotions are produced in a matter of minutes, while, at the same time, personalising the content message. This ensures each of the ads accurately reflects the promotions and offers of local branches and partners, in each of the countries and cities that ClassPass operates in.

This “production on demand” approach will allow ClassPass to:

  • Dramatically reduce time spent on this type of work within their studio, enabling a significant increase in efficiency, without affecting creativity.
  • Maintain brand management with precise control over what remote users and partners can, or cannot, change within their local message.
  • Offer a single user experience for each digital channel, further increasing brand control and productivity.

Easybuild 2 also facilitates the quick distribution of the produced content across multiple platforms, including tablets of all sizes, smartphones, internet and social media. This, in turn, requires content to be created in a vast number of different sizes and designs. 

EasyBuild 2’s technology is ideal for this requirement because it facilitates the creation of multi-media digital collateral (which includes video, HTML5, animated GIFs, JPEGs and more) and automates any cross-platform adaptation that is needed across digital, mobile and even print. It is no longer a “one design fits all”. For example, best practices and optimisation for mobile ads is very different from others.

Additionally, the solution automates the routing and delivery of the resulting artwork or creative.  All is accomplished through the use of intelligent templates that control the outcome of the entire production process including the auto sizing and formatting of the materials.

About ClassPass

Founded in 2013, ClassPass is the the leading fitness membership. With over 8,500 partners in 50 cities worldwide, ClassPass connects members to a variety of fitness experiences, including yoga, cycling, Pilates, barre, running, strength training, dance, sports, videos and more. Recognized as one of Forbes' Next Billion Dollar Startups, ClassPass leverages proprietary technology to dynamically merchandise and surface over a million fitness classes for a seamless booking experience that facilitates discovery.

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