About Us

Wave2 Media Solutions was formed early 2004 specifically to develop a range of solutions for the automated generation of documents. The first installations of Wave2 software took place a year later in January 2005 and the company now has an impressive list of customers around the world.

Wave2's mission is to provide tools that will enable publishers, marketers and content providers to both save costs, and to generate new revenue. To this end, the company developed a highly scaleable and powerful rules engine, capable of automatically building documents. These may be anything from simple display ads through to complex multi page documents.

The Wave2 rules engine, combined with Adobe's InDesign Server, forms the heart of the Wave2 Publishing Platform (W2PP). This base product is licenced to corporates, publishers, and third party developers to enable them to quickly deploy powerful automated document building solutions. The Wave2 Publishing Platform is also the foundation for the Wave2 range of packaged solutions.

With offices in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire in the UK and Westborough near Boston MA in the US, Wave2 sell their solutions both directly, and through various partners around the world. They also licence the Wave2 Publishing Platform to other software vendors who integrate the technology with their own solutions.